To me, diversity means different. That could mean different people for instance. People come from all different places and of course the first thing that comes to mind is their appearance. Different ideas and opinions is also part of diversity. Everyone comes from different walks of life so you can never see things from their exact point of view. I always try to keep this in mind when talking to people. I try to be a diverse person and I try to stay open-minded. I’ve always been told to never judge a book by it’s cover and while I’m not perfect, I learn things about different people every day. I always aim to get to know as many different people as I can to help shape my own perspective. 



Spirituality, to me, is how people feel connected to something or someone in a way that is sacred to them. It’s a constant search to find what spirituality means to you and it’s definition is different depending who you ask. Spirituality is very polarizing because to a lot of people, spirituality is everything. It influences huge decisions people make in life and is a common theme in every major part of their being. But at the same time, spirituality to some people is completely meaningless. Some people believe that the brain is simply just a product of the chemicals that are sent to it that tell it to feel the way it does. Our thoughts and emotions are simply a bi-product of how we were raised and how we are wired internally. Spirituality doesn’t play a particularly large role in my life. I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I don’t know about spirits and believing in things like that, but I also don’t think things are as black and white as they seem either.

My Letter

At the beginning of the semester we wrote letters to ourselves describing what we hoped to accomplish by the end. I opened my letter and in it I said that by the end of the semester I wanted to be much more studious as far as doing homework and preparing for tests. I also wanted to up my workout routine to 5 times a week. I said that I wanted to join a club at UNT to possibly meet more people and that I also wanted to get a dog after I moved into my new apartment. I accomplished probably half of those things. I’ve definitely stepped it up in the gym and Guru is the best dog ever! As far as studying and joining a club, those didn’t pan out as well. I definitely still want to join flag football next semester. Also I’m going to come up with a new system to better myself with doing school work. We had a speaker talk to the class about different studying habits and I definitely think that I took something away from that. I think that I am a much more hands-on learner and I can find a way to integrate that into my studying.

Saying Goodbye

I’ve learned a lot this past semester. I learned a ton about the different departments in UNT that students can utilize to not only explore different majors, but also where to get acquainted with other students and become more involved in the university. I’ve definitely grown over the past few months. College is all brand new to me and I had a ton of learning to do as far as how to prioritize my time between friends, work, and studying. I found out that I need to study A LOT more. Next semester I plan on being much more focused on getting all of my work done on time. 

The next thing for me is to continue exploring majors and looking into what all UNT has to offer. I hope to join a few clubs next year and get to know more people that go to school here. I will most likely cut my hours at work next semester as well to have more time to put into figuring out for sure what I want to do. I’m thinking journalism is the way to go but I am still not one hundred percent sure.


To me, teamwork is people pulling their resources together to achieve a common goal. I believe that teamwork is necessary to get things accomplished. You can do much by yourself compared to what you can do working in a team. One thing that I like about teamwork is being able to learn from one another. sometimes other people know better or different ways to do something. You can always learn from other people. What I don’t like about teamwork is that sometimes there is no compromise. If you and someone else really disagree about something and both sides are adamant, nothing ever gets accomplished. Being a good team member also means being able to compromise though.

RTN Thoughts

A. The person that Ryan interviewed: he was born into a family of oil men. From the time he was 15 he knew what he wanted to do and how to make it happen. He started from the lowest point possible and through hard work and great innovation, he became the Vice President of his company.


B. His path was decided before he was born. He came from a background of oil men and stayed somewhat the same path. A couple of values that he mentioned helped him through the whole process are that he is able to make a decision without hesitating and accepting the consequences of that decision’s potential failure. Also, he was always innovating in every way possible to make his company money. He always increased his value.


C. It is never the same process. Everyone has a different path to success in their respective field. Though there are many things that you can directly control.


D. Everyones stories were different. Those who stayed persistent often achieved success. It’s not always about the money. Most had degrees.


E. Everyone had different things that factored into their success. Some had it easier than others as far as how they got through school and who they had connections through.


F. This directly applies to me in that I’m pretty sure I won’t try to major in journalism anymore. I’m still open to broadcast journalism but I feel like something more practical like Real Estate or Business would be a better major.