Spirituality, to me, is how people feel connected to something or someone in a way that is sacred to them. It’s a constant search to find what spirituality means to you and it’s definition is different depending who you ask. Spirituality is very polarizing because to a lot of people, spirituality is everything. It influences huge decisions people make in life and is a common theme in every major part of their being. But at the same time, spirituality to some people is completely meaningless. Some people believe that the brain is simply just a product of the chemicals that are sent to it that tell it to feel the way it does. Our thoughts and emotions are simply a bi-product of how we were raised and how we are wired internally. Spirituality doesn’t play a particularly large role in my life. I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I don’t know about spirits and believing in things like that, but I also don’t think things are as black and white as they seem either.


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