My Letter

At the beginning of the semester we wrote letters to ourselves describing what we hoped to accomplish by the end. I opened my letter and in it I said that by the end of the semester I wanted to be much more studious as far as doing homework and preparing for tests. I also wanted to up my workout routine to 5 times a week. I said that I wanted to join a club at UNT to possibly meet more people and that I also wanted to get a dog after I moved into my new apartment. I accomplished probably half of those things. I’ve definitely stepped it up in the gym and Guru is the best dog ever! As far as studying and joining a club, those didn’t pan out as well. I definitely still want to join flag football next semester. Also I’m going to come up with a new system to better myself with doing school work. We had a speaker talk to the class about different studying habits and I definitely think that I took something away from that. I think that I am a much more hands-on learner and I can find a way to integrate that into my studying.


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