Meyers-Briggs II

My theme code was EAS. (Enterprising, Artistic, Social) I think the test was somewhat accurate in it’s evaluation but there are still some questionable areas for me. Enterprising sounds about right since I love doing public speaking and leading projects or groups.

My 5 Preferences are:

1. You likely prefer working with people.

2.Prefer to learn by doing and through lectures and books.

3. Lead by taking charge.

4. Participating in teams.

5. Comfortable taking risks.

Why would I be interested in:

1. Hotel management. I specifically love staying at hotel and resorts and I have a ton of ideas that could make them better.

2. Journalism. I love to write and hear people’s stories.

3. Health Education. I could definitely work with kids and teach them how to be healthy. Too easy.

It says for my learning style that I learn best through attending lectures and doing the actual thing that I’m learning. I totally agree with that because I learn things best when I can see or hear something first and then learn hands-on after watching someone else do it. 


The most unusual job chosen for me is florist. I know nothing about gardening but some of the characteristics of a florist applied to me. Things like attention to detail and making others happy definitely describe who I am. Meeting deadlines wasn’t something I particularly related to though.

Would this allow me to be ambitious, persuasive, and entrepreneurial?

Definitely! Hotel manager would allow me to work my way up the ladder while making connections with other people. If this is something I’m successful at, it may lead to me opening my own chain of hotels.

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