My Time

 My pie looks mmm mmm delicious! This is pretty much how I envisioned my time spent translated onto a pie chart. I’ve been in a routine for a minute now so no surprises here. Most of my time seems to be spent on sleeping and commuting to and from school. This makes sense because I absolutely need my sleep. I always try to stay between 7 and 9 hours a night because any less is unhealthy and any more is a waste of time. Commuting to school definitely takes up a ton of my time as well. I’m always on the road and spend at least 45 minutes going to and coming back during the week. I try to waste as little time as possible but defining what is a waste of time is left up to opinion. I guess the hour or so a night I spend playing Xbox could be considered a time waster but I see it as my down time. I couldn’t do anything else on the chart without it! I think I need to manage my time better when it comes to homework and also deciding where I’m about to live in Denton. I put both off way too often. The way I normally hold myself accountable is at the end of each day I ask myself, “How have you made yourself a better person today than you were yesterday?” Or, “What have you accomplished today that will benefit you  tomorrow?” And that usually reminds me of anything pressing that I didn’t take care of. Which I try to handle before I go to bed.

-Love, peace, chicken grease


(PS My pie chart wouldn’t upload for some reason)

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