Well I’ve been looking everywhere for the prompt for tonight’s blog but I couldn’t find it. But if I remember right, It was asking what character traits I can relate to based on what career mbti chose for me. I’m going to go with firefighter which I got a score of 89 for. I think I would be an awesome firefighter because I love helping people and being able to actually see when I accomplish something, versus “feeling accomplished” or having to wait to see the outcome of what I do. A lot of people say that I speak extremely loud, which would come in handy when I’m navigating those loud, smoky, houses calling out to survivors or my fellow firefighters. I also love staying in shape which will definitely help me when I’m rescuing people and carrying them away from harm. I’m not too sure about the whole rescuing cats thing. I’m more of a dog person. But if that’s what I’m required to do, I’ll get the job done. No fire can stop me

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