Red Rubber Bawl

The things that I value most in life are wit, optimism, and self-improvement. I’ve always thought that the key to happiness comes down to your attitude. I think that attitude applies directly to all of my values.

Wit plays directly into how I live my life. I’ve always joked around a lot, maybe even to a fault. A lot of people even see my wit and sarcasm as snide sometimes. But when people are around me for a while, they usually come to understand my brand of humor. I love laughing at myself too. I call my friends out just as I expect them to do the same with me. It keeps you humble and teaches you to not take yourself too seriously. Keeping some form of levity in every situation, no matter how serious, will help you not to stress too much about things that are out of our control.

Self improvement directly plays into my optimistic outlook on life. As long as you are making yourself a better person every single day, you have a reason to be optimistic. Nothing but good things happen through self improvement.


One thought on “Red Rubber Bawl

  1. I really admire your outlook on self improvement, and your emphasis on an optimistic attitude. Nothing is possible without it, and why would you want to go through life with a sour attitude, anyways? Life’s too short to sulk and be bitter.(:

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