Denise Medrano

Denise Medrano is a freelance writer and blogger. The main theme of her writing surrounds wine tasting and travelling around Europe and America. She is a major voice in the wine enthusiast community. She was born Bloomington, England in 1964 to Matias and Sarah Medrano. Growing up, Denise was often disruptive and  and outspoken among her peers. Many years later she would be diagnosed with a learning disorder which was determined to be the main cause of her lack of interest In school. She decided to travel through wine country when she was 17 instead of attending college. This is where she met Jean Pimeaux the famous wine maker and taster. He took Denise under his wing and taught her everything she knows about wine. eventually a drought forced Pimeaux to move his vineyard to South France where Medrano decided to try her own hand at wine making. She ran a small winery in the town for 6 yeaes before moving to Chicago to attend college and get her degree in Journalism. She now lives in England with her mother where she routinely writes reviews on new wines that come through England and France. She has three adopted children.

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