Meyers-Briggs II

My theme code was EAS. (Enterprising, Artistic, Social) I think the test was somewhat accurate in it’s evaluation but there are still some questionable areas for me. Enterprising sounds about right since I love doing public speaking and leading projects or groups.

My 5 Preferences are:

1. You likely prefer working with people.

2.Prefer to learn by doing and through lectures and books.

3. Lead by taking charge.

4. Participating in teams.

5. Comfortable taking risks.

Why would I be interested in:

1. Hotel management. I specifically love staying at hotel and resorts and I have a ton of ideas that could make them better.

2. Journalism. I love to write and hear people’s stories.

3. Health Education. I could definitely work with kids and teach them how to be healthy. Too easy.

It says for my learning style that I learn best through attending lectures and doing the actual thing that I’m learning. I totally agree with that because I learn things best when I can see or hear something first and then learn hands-on after watching someone else do it. 


The most unusual job chosen for me is florist. I know nothing about gardening but some of the characteristics of a florist applied to me. Things like attention to detail and making others happy definitely describe who I am. Meeting deadlines wasn’t something I particularly related to though.

Would this allow me to be ambitious, persuasive, and entrepreneurial?

Definitely! Hotel manager would allow me to work my way up the ladder while making connections with other people. If this is something I’m successful at, it may lead to me opening my own chain of hotels.


My Time

 My pie looks mmm mmm delicious! This is pretty much how I envisioned my time spent translated onto a pie chart. I’ve been in a routine for a minute now so no surprises here. Most of my time seems to be spent on sleeping and commuting to and from school. This makes sense because I absolutely need my sleep. I always try to stay between 7 and 9 hours a night because any less is unhealthy and any more is a waste of time. Commuting to school definitely takes up a ton of my time as well. I’m always on the road and spend at least 45 minutes going to and coming back during the week. I try to waste as little time as possible but defining what is a waste of time is left up to opinion. I guess the hour or so a night I spend playing Xbox could be considered a time waster but I see it as my down time. I couldn’t do anything else on the chart without it! I think I need to manage my time better when it comes to homework and also deciding where I’m about to live in Denton. I put both off way too often. The way I normally hold myself accountable is at the end of each day I ask myself, “How have you made yourself a better person today than you were yesterday?” Or, “What have you accomplished today that will benefit you  tomorrow?” And that usually reminds me of anything pressing that I didn’t take care of. Which I try to handle before I go to bed.

-Love, peace, chicken grease


(PS My pie chart wouldn’t upload for some reason)


Well I’ve been looking everywhere for the prompt for tonight’s blog but I couldn’t find it. But if I remember right, It was asking what character traits I can relate to based on what career mbti chose for me. I’m going to go with firefighter which I got a score of 89 for. I think I would be an awesome firefighter because I love helping people and being able to actually see when I accomplish something, versus “feeling accomplished” or having to wait to see the outcome of what I do. A lot of people say that I speak extremely loud, which would come in handy when I’m navigating those loud, smoky, houses calling out to survivors or my fellow firefighters. I also love staying in shape which will definitely help me when I’m rescuing people and carrying them away from harm. I’m not too sure about the whole rescuing cats thing. I’m more of a dog person. But if that’s what I’m required to do, I’ll get the job done. No fire can stop me

Red Rubber Bawl

The things that I value most in life are wit, optimism, and self-improvement. I’ve always thought that the key to happiness comes down to your attitude. I think that attitude applies directly to all of my values.

Wit plays directly into how I live my life. I’ve always joked around a lot, maybe even to a fault. A lot of people even see my wit and sarcasm as snide sometimes. But when people are around me for a while, they usually come to understand my brand of humor. I love laughing at myself too. I call my friends out just as I expect them to do the same with me. It keeps you humble and teaches you to not take yourself too seriously. Keeping some form of levity in every situation, no matter how serious, will help you not to stress too much about things that are out of our control.

Self improvement directly plays into my optimistic outlook on life. As long as you are making yourself a better person every single day, you have a reason to be optimistic. Nothing but good things happen through self improvement.


If I could interview anyone it would be an analyst for the nfl network. I would love the opportunity to interview different football players and coaches. My dream job would be to be some kind of coordinator for a football program but normally those jobs are reserved for people with a lot of experience. The next best thing would be to interview and learn a out different sports personalities on a personal level. Growing up, sports stars were always larger than life for me so I’d love an insiders perspective on the industry. I would ask the analysts how they got their start and how much work it is. I’d ask them if it changed the way they felt about the game. I’d want to know how to stand out in such a competitive career. I know that a lot of sportscasters and journalists make good money as well. It takes awhile to get credibility in the industry but I’d be willing to put in the time. 

Denise Medrano

Denise Medrano is a freelance writer and blogger. The main theme of her writing surrounds wine tasting and travelling around Europe and America. She is a major voice in the wine enthusiast community. She was born Bloomington, England in 1964 to Matias and Sarah Medrano. Growing up, Denise was often disruptive and  and outspoken among her peers. Many years later she would be diagnosed with a learning disorder which was determined to be the main cause of her lack of interest In school. She decided to travel through wine country when she was 17 instead of attending college. This is where she met Jean Pimeaux the famous wine maker and taster. He took Denise under his wing and taught her everything she knows about wine. eventually a drought forced Pimeaux to move his vineyard to South France where Medrano decided to try her own hand at wine making. She ran a small winery in the town for 6 yeaes before moving to Chicago to attend college and get her degree in Journalism. She now lives in England with her mother where she routinely writes reviews on new wines that come through England and France. She has three adopted children.